Monday, March 25, 2019

Mueller Report did not exonerate Trump... Barr did what he was hired to do and Dems need to step the fuck up

Angry political rant after Trump steals the narrative following Barr's bullshit summary of Mueller's report which he is never going to make public... Dems are a fucking joke. "Trying to impeach Trump would be bad," they say. "It didn't work so well when Reps tried it with Clinton." Horseshit. In 2000, after the bullshit impeachment, the GOP held all three branches of the government for the next six years.

Also, a sitting president can't be indicted? Why is that exactly? Oh, because Nixon's legal team wrote a memo saying so almost 50 years ago to save him from doing jail time. That is neither law nor precedent.

If Trump is allowed to server out his term, we will never return to normalcy. Republicans cannot be given a free pass to cheat in elections any more and then change laws and send more money upward with insane tax bills while global issues like climate change, hostile nation-states, recession, and right-wing nationalism threaten to bring all this shit down. Going dark is not the fucking answer. Dems need to stand the fuck up for justice right the fuck now.

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