Monday, March 6, 2017

The Loved Ones (2009) is the most overrated movie of all time: Also, it is the worst movie of all time

How the fuck does this have a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes? Basically an hour and half of “torture porn” akin to Hostel. Do not watch if squeamish.

This is a fucking nightmare of a meeting the family situation. There is no build up like “Get Out,” for those that have seen it. Dude gets thrown right into the shit and stays there for most of the whole movie.

Pros: Beautifully shot. Sidekick’s subplot, that goes nowhere, is sort of funny at times. Ending is somewhat satisfying.

Cons: Fucking brutal. Even though it’s under that hour and a half sweet spot and moves along pretty well, it still felt like a bunch of stuck could have still been taken out… I like em short.

Disclaimer: My notes pretty much always contain spoilers.  

Notes: Good opening scene. Main kid is being taught to drive by his dad when out of the blue some naked bloody guy shows up causing him to swerve and crash into a tree killing his dad. I like when movies just put you right out in there. Always a good sign that things are going to move along (which they sort of don’t).

Cut to like a year later on the day of some big dance. See main dude and his GF. They have this boring conversation and she leaves. Out of nowhere this girl shows up and asks him to the dance. He says no. Later we find out she means to her own private dance which is just torture.

Main dude’s GF has the biggest neck mole ever. It’s fucking insane. It looks like a trach. Before we get in the shit, she is driving him home. It comes out later that he either hates driving or hates being in the car. This information goes nowhere though and at the end he is driving around no big and runs down his torturer who gradually becomes the terminator.

Anyway, GF drops him off and tells him she loves him. He is basically like, “what?!?”

So dude goes cliff dangling with his dog and gets kidnapped by some weirdo. The kidnapper kills his dog. It’s fucking sad. I hate that shit. I’m basically anti this movie now.

We are now at the kidnapper’s house and the girl who asks main dude out at the beginning is there. Her room is decorated like a psychopath that is really into the color pink. The kidnapper, the girl’s dad who looks like Delmar from Oh Brother Where Art Thou, brings her this hot-pink dress. She changes into it in front of him and he basically drools while staring at her. It’s weird.

Main dude wakes up in a tux at the dinner table with Delmar, pretty in pink, and some older woman with a hole drilled in her forehead. She is just sort of there. The father/daughter duo melt main dude’s vocal cords by injecting them with Drano. The girl then force feeds him chicken and keeps asking him if it is “finger licking good.” Then she makes him lick chicken grease off her fingers after which she asks if he has to take a piss. He is like, “yeah, that’d be nice,” and she grabs her milk off the table and pounds it like a psycho and then makes him pee in the glass else her dad is going to nail his wang to the chair. So he pees and then she threatens to bite his dick off.  This dinner is insane.

Oh, and while all that is happening, at the real dance, the sidekick gets a handy in the middle of the dance floor. They are then kicked out and he and his date do it in the parking lot.

This is too much for him and he like breaks free for a few minutes. They catch him again and nail his feet to the floor with a steak knife. My female companion had to stop watching at this point. She likes crazy shit too but this was just too much.

He is basically just repeatedly tortured for the rest of the movie excluding brief reprieves where he is witness to a slightly more fucked up than typical father-daughter dance until the end when shit goes down. It’s fucked. I’m sorry I watched this movie.

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