Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Karma Killings is the greatest movie of all time

More or less the Indian Making a Murderer, The Karma Killings documents the Nithari serial killings and their repercussions on the very poor community and the wealthy businessman that was seemingly wrongfully accused of being involved in. The documentary really stirs up the whole caste warfare aspect of the whole thing and the media's overreaction and the way they portrayed a probably innocent man.

The movie breaks things down into chapters to make it manageable. The murders, the investigation, the suspects, the trial, the sentencing, the aftermath, so forth. In the background portion we see the families of the 17 or so murdered children from the neighborhood of Noida in New Delhi. The killer strangled these little kids, had sex with them, and then ate them in some cases. Shit is completely fucked up and horrible

It all comes crashing down when a prostitute goes missing after visiting a client in the rich part of the neighborhood. The suspects who reside in the upperclass home are businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and his servant, the child murdering piece of shit, Surender Koli. They have some weird shit going on, Koli basically lies to Pandher's wife about the prostitutes he has over, but the movies portrays Pandher as a patsy in the situation. 

This seems to be the case as Pandher was out of town when all of the murders except for one were committed (and it should be noted that Koli had his own quarters and separate entrance into the main house). The police do have a confession for Pandher which was later proved to be complete fucking bullshit as New Delhi's finest had him sign two blank pieces of paper that they went ahead and filled out for him. 

Most of the movie covers the sensationalized news coverage of the event, lower class claims that justice wasn’t being carried out against the wealthy businessman, and Karin’s (Pandher’s son) eight year battle to clear his father’s name.

All in all, the program is a pretty fucking solid look into a devastating story that took a decade to play out. Totes worth checking out if you have Netflix.

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