Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Night of the Demons 2 is the greatest movie of all time

Night of the Demons 2. I know. Not what you would call a classic, but it is a super fun flick for a Halloween night at home. If you actually watch this you you'll notice a familiar face among the mean girls as one Christine Taylor, wife of Ben Stiller. This flick would help launch her career as she would go on to be remembered for such roles as the K-Mart girl (Matilda Jeffries) in Zoolander, Kate in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Sally Sitwell from Arrested Development, and her true breakout role of Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie. I remembered when the those Brady movies came out thinking that that had to be the girl from the original series, just that she had aged exceptionally well. That was not, in fact, the case as the role was indeed played by Taylor who looks hella like Maureen McCormick, the woman who played Marcia in the show. Wasn't the only person who thought she looked straight up like that chick apparently as they make reference to their similarities in this movie, which came out a year before she took on the role in the film version. In this dickface character Rick, played by one Rick Peters, calls her "Marcia" as sort of a put-down while they are driving to the party towards the beginning of the flick. After some shitty internet research, this appears that this was before she was cast in the movie. Regardless, she is a very pretty lady and maybe one of my favorite bits of the movie which is, let it be known, the greatest of all time.

Pros: Personally thought it was more developed than the original (which isn't saying much). Acting is surprisingly fine, for the most part. Gore/practical effects aren't too shabby. Kill off Jehovah Witnesses and some other religious zealots, always a plus. Pretty ladies (again, for the most part).

Cons: Basically more or less the same as the original just more ridiculous. Not exactly what I'd call a real scare. Nor does it have what I'd call a coherent story-line. Some horrible early 1990s CGI.

Kids from either a Catholic high school or college (the actors are like 30ish) face off against the demon-possessed Angela from the original Night of the Demons movie after an idiot seminary student conjures her up. Also, she just happens to be the sister of one of the students, a quiet goth girl named Mouse. It was directed by one Brian Trenchard-Smith who did a couple of the later Leprechaun movies including Leprechaun 4: In Space and stars Cristi Harris who is a very attractive lady who gets topless as the redhead Bibi, Darin Heames as Z-boy, Merle Kennedy as Mouse, Amelia Kinkade reprises the role of Angela, Rick Peters as douch Rick, Jennifer Rhodes as the older kick-ass nun chick, and the lovely Taylor as the hot one. The movie was indeed direct to video.

Some shit/observations... The movie is crazy homoerotic with frat dudes in their tighty-whiteys peeping on the sorority, or whatever they are, galls across the way. All of the male parts are over-the-top and ridiculous. We have Perry, the fucking loser seminary student with a magic priest book that conjures Demon Angela, who was already around but whatever. Speaking of the demon/s, can't understand shit they are saying. Plus all the shit with her having a sister is dumb. They occasionally abandon it and then halfheartedly come back to it. Also like how they sort of kill off Taylor, turning her into a demon, and then bring her back because, hey, she's pretty. 

Best line of the movie is also a pretty decent kill. It comes after they end up at the location where Angela reigns or whatever where they throw an inappropriate party considering what went down and what not. But someone takes lipstick off site and now Angela is free to run amok. As such, she finds Taylor and her dude who is also involved in the best scene as a result of this kill/line. The line comes when Angela finds them making out or whatever. They are petting and what not when Angela's hand sort of appears in the car with them and starts grabbing at the dude's dick. He is all like, cha, when they sort of realize it was his date who was doing the tugging. That is when Angela pops up says "strapping young buck, how about a little head?" and chops his head off. Angela thinks this is hilarious. And, you know, totally is. But yeah, Angela is still gross, even in her human form. Weird they chose this chick to build the franchise around.

My favorite scene in the movie is also with this decapitated fellow, I think this is Rick, maybe. In it one of the bros comes up on him playing basketball with his own head. Again, hilarious. The guy who walks up on him is all, what in the fuck, so Rick sticks the head back on his neck and is about to kill the guy when Perry comes out of nowhere and sprays him with a supersoaker filled with holy water followed by a roundhouse which knocks the dude's head off. Rick screams "technical foul, where is the ref when you need one?" At this point Perry punts his head whilst screaming "field goal!" Completely absurd. Doesn't get much better than that.

Best kill is tough but I'd go with Angela who dies in a sort of grand finale. So the gist here is Angela is getting her sister to turn evil or whatever and orders her to kill the nun, who is tied up. Instead, the sister stabs Angela which is pretty dumb. That gives all the teens the chance to gang up on her, shoot her with motorized squirtguns of holy water and what not, sort of melting her into this weird snake thing. That is when Perry, ever the roundhouse enthusiast, kicks a cross in the wall resulting in sunlight coming in and hitting Angela. I was all, "what the fuck is that supposed to do?" when it hits her and she fucking explodes in ridiculous and incredible fashion. Love it when the bad guy explodes unexpectedly, spoilers.

MVP of the flick is obviously Taylor. Not only is she quite a looker, you can tell she is something special, even here. I mean, she has a ways to go before Zoolander and what not, but she plays a serviceable mean girl and even displays a little bit of range as she goes from abused college chick, to sorority bitch, to hardened kick-ass, to demon. And that is the greatest movie of all time, Night of the Demons 2. Better than Night of the Demons even. What what.


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